Gort Kids Facilities

Inside Gort Kids


Gort Kids provides a range of facilities suitable for the children who attend the club.  Our resources have been carefully selected to stimulate all age groups of children and encourage them to play together.  The children make great use of the facilities available to them and get much enjoyment from them

  • Home Corner

    The children enjoy playing in our new home corner.  The area is fitted with child-size kitchen units with a realistic appearance and a dressing up trolley.  The children create different themes for the home corner, such as hair dressers, restaurant and shop.

    Home Corner
  • Outdoor Play Area

    Here at Gort Kids, we take every possible opportunity to get some fresh air for both children and staff.  Our outdoor play area consists of a climbing frame with a slide and removable swings, football nets and a picnic table.  The children also like to play with space hoopers, skipping ropes, chalk, basketballs, swing ball and scooters.  The children enjoy having their snack at the picnic table, weather permitting.

    Outdoor Play Area
  • Homework

    The kids have a chance to do their homework in Gort Kids, with staff avalable for help when they need it. They work at their own pace using the club\'s resources for assistance